The two-day long meeting of the US Federal Reserve, which began on Tuesday, was seen on the European and Asian markets, including India. Investor cautious before the Fed meeting, which closed on the second day on Tuesday for the second consecutive day after the Nifty opened at record highs. However, experts say that there is little hope for an increase in interest rates in the Fed meeting. But investors should invest in such stocks, which will not be affected by the decision of the Federal Reserve.

What do you say experts

Experts say that the figures that came in the US are not strong. In such a situation, the possibility of interest rates going up by the US Federal Reserve is less. So do not need to panic. Investors will be safe to invest in Domestic Focused Stocks.

According to experts, there is no hope of an increase in the interest rate in the Fed meeting. The Fed could increase interest rates in December. If the Fed raises the rate, then it will have an impact on the world market including India.

Experts say that the US Fed meeting will not affect the Indian market. The expected interest rate increase in this meeting is very low. Actually, the US Fed has already indicated that it will not haste to increase the interest rate because the data is not favorable.

Invest in these sectors

According to Sachin Experts, considering the Fed meeting, it would be better to invest in investors in the engineering sector. At the same time, market experts have advised to invest in defensive stocks.