There has been a good rally in the stock market this year due to better liquidity, better earnings, monsoon and GST factors. Since January 2, 22% in the Nifty and 19% increase in the Sensex has been recorded. However, after the All-Time High reached on August 2, some fall in the market has also been recorded. Experts say that even though the market is volatile, by the end of the year, it can get 5 per cent growth. Most experts in Money Bhaskar’s Experts poll say that by December, the Nifty will touch the level of 10500.

nifty4-5 percent growth this year

Nearly 60 per cent of the experts in the poll believe that 4 to 5 per cent growth in the market this year is still pending and by the end of the year, the Nifty can touch the level of 10400-10500. At the same time, 10 per cent believe that Nifty will cross 11000 levels by the end of this year. At the same time, 30 per cent of the experts considered Outlook as positive, but did not give any limits for this. They say that after getting a strong signal,the market will be able to decide its future.

Experts say that there is no negative trigger at the domestic level for the market.
Investment by domestic investors is steadily rising, thereby lacking liquidity. Reforms at the domestic level have been good, monsoon has been better, in this case the market outlook is positive. The current level is expected to decline by 3 percent in the next few days. But the Nifty above 10450 to 10500 level may touch the end of the year. At the same time, MD Deven Choksi of K.C. Choksi Securities says that the decline in the market has made opportunities for investors. There will be no worry about the market and further recovery will be seen.By December, the market can reach level of 10200 to 10300.

These factors are positive

Nearly 40 per cent of the experts believe that due to the increased domestic investor participation, there is lack of liquidity in the market. At the same time, 70 per cent believe that the share market will benefit the reformation of the domestic level. 100 per cent believe that GST will be the advantage of the market. On the other hand, better monsoon this year, demand will boost demand, which is a positive for the market.

Liquidity of 50 thousand croresThis year, domestic investors have so far invested Rs 42,965 crore in the stock market. At the same time, even after buying and selling of FIIs, there is an investment of Rs 6783 crore in the market. That is, there is no shortage of liquidity by investing around Rs 50 thousand crore in this year’s market.

Worried by these factors including global tension
In the Experts poll, 100 per cent believed that the impact of recent global tension on the market has affected the foreign investment. Increasing tension will have a negative impact on the market. At the same time, 40 per cent believe that the kind of rally that was seen in the market this year, the earnings growth of the companies did not come, which is a matter of concern. Experts also worry that the fall in GDP data may have an impact on foreign investment in particular. In this year’s rally, many stock valuations have gone up, in this way, further profit booking can be seen.

Experts say that the biggest reason for the decline in the market in the last one month is Global Tension. Domestically, the impact of the weak GDP figures on the market may fall. The impact of the weak GDP will be on the foreign inflow, which will affect the market.