Speaking on the forward movement and direction of the market, Experts said that the rally rally of the market has strengthened both the global and local factories. The money that came out of gold and real estate in India since the ban on bondage has given bond and stock market both good strength. Drivers in this rally are very overwhelming but it is also true that the valuations have become very expensive. In such circumstances, investors will be advised that they remain alert, increase the ratio of cash to their portfolio. Keep a large amount of cash in your portfolio and invest in good stocks with strong fundamentals. Lots of low quality stocks have gone a lot in the past 1 year.

Stay away from these stocks.Experts advise that create a portfolio of good stocks of each sector and stay in it for 5-6 years. Because there is a lot of change in taxation rules in the country’s economy, there is a lot of uncertainty. In this situation, market leader companies of their sectors will dominate. Strong companies will gain market share, they may even buy their weak competitor. In this way, strong companies will look stronger in their sector. You should take advantage of this situation.