Market created new all-time high, bank index also at record highs

 In the stock market, there is a continuation of record high growth with slow growth. During today’s business, the new intra-day all-time high in the stock market has been created.During the trading, the Nifty reached the highest level of 9916 days. In the last session, the index made the 9913 intra-day all-time high. At the same time, the Sensex touched the intra-day all-time high of 32116 during the trading. Earlier, the Sensex had made 32110 all-time high on Friday. In the bank index, there is also a record growth. At the moment, the Sensex has gained 85 points, with 32106 and Nifty rising 27 points, trading in 9913. 

Bank Nifty crosses 24 thousand for the first time

In the eaBank-Nifty-Tips-Margin-Money-Required-for-tradingrly trading on Monday, the bank nifty crossed the level of 24 t

housand for the first time. In today’s business, the index has made the highest level of 24018 in the initial business. At present, the index is trading at a level of 23981 with an increase of 0.18 percent. ICICI Bank has more than 1% gain There is a half percent increase in Yes Bank.