static1.squarespace.com_There is a cyber attack in the world once again and India has also become a victim of it. The name of the attacker RanSaware is this time. Hackers are locking computer companies and asking for $ 300 as bitcoins. You must remember that Vanakrai RanSware had made Tehelka all over the world a month ago. In the European countries like UK, Russia France, Spain on Tuesday evening, Petya targeted its shipping, aviation, oil and gas and consumer companies.

Mumbai’s Jawaharlal Nehru Port in India was a victim of this attack. Work on one of the three JNPT terminals on Tuesday night was affected after the cyber attack. The operation of AP Moler Mursk Company, which operated the Gateway Terminals India (GTI) on JNPT by the attack, got stalled. This company handles over 20 million containers on the port.This cyber attack caused the work to stop in government offices in Ukraine. Electricity companies and banks were also attacked in Ukraine. Work of Russian oil company Rosneft was also affected. The Danish shipping company Mursk’s computer stalled America’s pharmaceutical company Merck is also a victim of the attack. This is the second big cyber attack in 2 months, before RanSware Vanakrai had launched a terror. The people of Vanakrai have not been able to know yet. 0After all, this is a ransomware, a kind of computer malware. Ransomware hacks the computer and locks it for a computer unlock. But to systematically protect such cyber attacks, systematically backup and use latest antivirus. Also avoid using pirated software.At the same time, the attacker will reboot the computer within one hour of attacking the Ransomware, but power off the computer while rebooting. The files from Power Off can avoid getting encrypted. On the reboot, the message of the ransom will come to the screen, but do not panic with the ransom message and do not pay ransom. Close the computer’s internet connection. Reform the computer and load the backup file after the reform.