After this consecutive rally this year, the market has been in a restricted area for the last 3 weeks. At the same time, there has been some confusion in investors about GST. Experts say that the fundamentals of the market are strong. However, until the GST comes to clarity, a slight downturn may occur in the next few trading sessions. As the clarity about GST will come and the monsoon will progress, the market will look faster. Any fall in the market during this time would be a better opportunity for investment. For the moment, investors are advised to choose such stocks, in which further growth is expected.gst

Not afraid of a big drop in the market 
Experts say that GST is going to be implemented from July 1. The market is expected to remain within the scope of the GST until it comes to full compliance. During this time, due to profit booking, light correction can be seen, but it will not be more than 50-100 points. At present the market sentiments are strong. Normal Monsoon, NPA Resolutions, GST and Government Reforms will further strengthen the market.

Clarity will come in 20-25 days after GST is implemented Experts say there is no negative trigger about the market. GST is going to be implemented, which can take some days in the implementation. Even then within 20-25 days everything will be cleared. In the meantime, if there is a slight decrease, the domestic inflow will be covered immediately.\
Experts say that GST and better monsoon will further strengthen the market. At present, investors can invest in better stocks of Domestic Focused, FMCG and Logistics companies.

Rally is still in the market

gst-7_1498212460Experts say that the market is at high valuation. In this case, there is pressure on the market for short term, but there is nothing to worry about the market over the long period. The impact of the government’s reforms is showing. Estimates of better monsoon. Given the GST, the government will increase the revenue as tax, which will increase the spread. In such a situation, the rally still remains in the market.